About Us

Since our journey began back in 1986, we’ve always loved what we do. We believe that its our passion, creativity, care and attention that have got us to where we are today; a well-loved and committed Suffolk brewer, distiller and retailer.

We know we're far from perfect but we always try and strive for good.

Learn about our history, range and our future by visiting us on one of our unforgettable experience days.

Our Values

Quality. Never compromised

We’re proud of what we do and what we make. We only settle for the best and we’re always in pursuit of perfection when we’re creating our drinks.

We love exploring new flavours, new tastes and we’re patient in our craft. We never compromise on quality.

We’re so proud to have won awards throughout our history. Whether it’s our supreme Old Growler, as the only beer to have won twice Overall Champion at the CAMRA Winter Beer Festival, or our Venture Point Five, as a national’s winner at the UK SIBA awards in 2022, every positive reaction to one of our drinks reaffirms our dedication and excitement in what we do.

Simply, we love making drinks that make people smile! So, we’ll keep doing it.

Always thinking different

We are always exploring, growing, learning, and changing, so we can stay ahead and stay fresh.

Only recently, we’ve seen our development and innovation quickly accelerate thanks to the completion of our new state-of-the-art site. We started trialling better quality ingredients, testing out different techniques, we bought a distillery, dug a bore-hole and went on a wild, flavour-adventure that’s helped us craft a magnificent range of premium beers, lager, non-alcoholic drink, gins, waters and more! We don’t like standing still so keep visiting our site and follow us on social media to stay tuned with what’s next. We are devoted to investing in our future through innovation and we’re excited about the world of possibilities ahead.

Proud to be local

Located in the picturesque Stour Valley just on the outskirts of the beautiful Long Melford village and Sudbury town centre, we’re pretty damn proud of where we come from.

Being in the heart of Suffolk countryside and being so close to nature, it’s pretty easy to get inspired by the rich ingredients right on our doorstep. We regularly work with the highest quality local suppliers to get our hands on the best ingredients and we’re always guided by our 2500 local members who regularly give us feedback and share great ideas that help us improve.

Committed to Sustainability

We are caring, considerate and committed to reducing our carbon footprint and are continuously seeking new ways to be more efficient, reduce our waste and minimise our impact on the environment. We’ve changed our packaging to a more environmentally friendly alternative, we’ve installed solar-panels to harvest our own energy, we’ve invested in electric vehicles on site and installed charging units, all in the last 6 months. We’ve got a long way to go and a hell of a lot to learn but at Nethergate we’re 100% committed to having a positive business impact. We are trying to help our community and fellow suppliers do the same and we’re all ears for any ideas and what more we can do so please get in touch.

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