About the Brewery

Nethergate brewery was initially founded in 1986. By beer lovers, for beer lovers. And like many great new ideas, ours began with two gentlemen sat in a pub on a Friday night in a picturesque Suffolk town, lamenting the lack of quality, honest local beer.

It’s been a rollercoaster journey since we started in 1986. A lot has changed since then. But, one thing has remained constant with us at Nethergate – a passion to make well-loved drinks that make people happy!

We’re proud to be brewing a range of award-winning beers using traditional techniques, our brewing know-how, the highest quality ingredients and our state-of-the-art equipment.

We provide quality, cask conditioned and craft keg beer for local venues and bottled beer for retail shops and restaurants. From traditional award-winning ales like our Champion porter, Old Growler, or nationally awarded low alcohol, Venture Point Five, the same passion & pride goes into every drop.


Made in the heart of East Anglia, our flagship amber ale combines
traditional brewing techniques with new world ingredients to produce
a beer for all tastes and seasons, with hints of citrus and tropical fruits.

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Augustinians are members of Christian religious orders that follow the Rule of Saint Augustine, written in about 400 AD by Augustine of Hippo. There are two distinct types of Augustinians in Catholic religious orders dating back to the 12th–13th centuries.

Essex Border

Essex Border is perfect for summer outside. A highly drinkable blonde
ale, with hints of orange zest and a slight tingle of spice, refreshes the
mouth while you laze in a haze. It’s up there amongst the best that we do.

Melford Mild

Melford Mild is our traditional dark mild brew. It has a bitterness that holds for a monument before clearing to leave your palate feeling refreshed. A warming winter beer but with the freshness of a spring evening.

Hop Weaver

xExcite your taste buds with Hop Weaver. Our brewers have woven together four powerful hops to develop a dry hop brew with the unique combination of Amarillo, Bravo, Citra and Summit. The result is a full-on zesty taste. Serve chilled for the perfect refreshment.

Umbel Ale

Umbel Magna

A three-time “Speciality” gold medal winner, Umbel Magna, is a recreation of a 1750s porter recipe which included the addition of coriander that spices things up a little.

Azza Hatter

Red Admiral Rye

We combine Admiral Hops and Crystal Rye Malt to bring together
this beautifully balanced Rye beer. Red Admiral Rye offers the drinker
a sweet hoppiness with subtle hints of orange and pine leaving a
pleasant, wholesome taste which sits comfortably on the palate.