—— The idea ——

Crafting the Future

Great things are born from strong values and since 1986, we have searched for perfection in everything we do. We carefully craft every one of our award-winning beers, respecting tradition at every step, from grain to glass.
With Nethergate Distillery we venture into a new world and bring with us the same passion, respect and care that has kept the great beer flowing for over 30 years.
We are so proud of what we have achieved, and now we can share what we have created.

A MarkWorn with Pride

For over 30 years, Nethergate Brewery has produced some of the countries best-loved, award-winning beers. Today the name of Nethergate has become a mark of quality throughout the east of England.
We only put our name on the best we have, so we are proud to bring you Nethergate Distillery and Melford’s Gin.

Our Stills

Hello, Bonnie

Bonnie is our Copper Sprit Still and the home of the seven botanicals that make our Melford’s Gin. She holds 300L.

Hello, Clyde

Clyde is our 1,000 Litre Copper Wash Still. Here we take our beer and turn it into the sprit we’ll later use for distilling our Gin.

—— Introducing ——

Melford's Gin

A smooth Suffolk Dry Gin Distilled by Nethergate Distillery in the beautiful historic village of Long Melford.

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