Our path, marked by both triumphs and challenges, has been steadfastly guided by our core values – not just words, but the very soul of Nethergate, molded by years of dedication, creativity, and an unwavering quest for excellence.

Quality. Never Compromised.

Established in 1986, our relentless commitment to excellence defines us. Quality is our ethos, the secret behind every Nethergate sip. We see crafting drinks as an art, approached with patience and passion.

Our achievements, like Old Growler's double victory at the CAMRA Winter Beer Festival and Venture Point Five's triumph at the 2022 UK SIBA awards, echo our dedication. These accolades fuel our drive to innovate, ensuring that each Nethergate creation continues to delight and surprise.

Always Thinking – What's Next?

Our perpetual commitment to excellence propels Nethergate forward. Budget constraints are challenges that only strengthen our resolve to improve every facet of our operations.

From refining beer recipes to enhancing customer experiences, our ethos of continuous improvement is unwavering. Our ambition reaches beyond crafting exceptional beverages; we aim to ensure every aspect of the Nethergate experience is extraordinary.

Proud to Be Local

Nestled in Suffolk's Stour Valley, close to Long Melford village and Sudbury town, we embody the spirit of our region. Our partnership with local suppliers provides superior ingredients, but our true strength lies in our connections – with customers, local pubs, restaurants, shops, and our community of 800 members. These relationships fuel our enthusiasm and ground us in our cherished local roots.

Minimising Our Footprint

As guardians of our planet, Nethergate is committed to sustainability. Our journey towards reducing our carbon footprint is ongoing, marked by initiatives like adopting eco-friendly packaging, installing solar panels, and introducing electric vehicles with charging stations.

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond goals; it's a long-term commitment, benefitting not just us but our community and partners. We invite your ideas and collaboration in making a meaningful impact.

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