Old Growler

Bottled • ABV: 5.0%

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    Old Growler

    Fresh • ABV: 5.0%

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Old Growler: The Award-Winning Porter That Tantalises Taste Buds Since 1988

Get ready to taste an exceptional porter that has conquered not only the UK but also the American palate. Nethergate Brewery’s Old Growler is a true champion known for its distinctive taste and an impressive awards list.

With over 30 years of brewing experience, Nethergate Brewery has mastered the art of creating complex and satisfying beers. Old Growler is no exception, delivering a smooth and distinctive taste that will conquer even the pickiest of drinkers.

Old Growler has been recognised as Overall Champion at the CAMRA Winter Beer Festival not once, but twice – a real testament to its brewing excellence. And it’s not just the UK that has fallen in love with this porter, as it has also been awarded Supreme Champion at the Chicago International Beer Festival and voted Best of 2011 by the Beer Tasting Institute of America.

How does it taste?

But enough about the awards, let’s talk about the taste. Old Growler’s complex blend of flavours includes hints of chocolate, coffee and roasted malt that will excite your palate. The aroma is malty and smoky with undertones of apple, molasses (or treacle if you prefer) and liquorice. The colour is a warm opaque sable with a thick wheat head, and the mouth-filling flavour has notes of roast malt, coffee, treacle and liquorice. The texture is smooth with good body and a fair amount of fizz, making it a true pleasure to drink.

Hops Used

Old Growler is made with two exceptional hops – Challenger and Sovereign. Challenger hops are known for their fragrant and spicy character, while Sovereign hops add a fruity note and a strong bitterness to the beer. This unique blend of hops creates the perfect balance between flavour and bitterness.

In conclusion, Old Growler is a porter that deserves its place among the champions of the beer world. Try it for yourself and discover why this beer has won over the hearts and palates of so many. Visit Nethergate Brewery or order online and let Old Growler tantalise your taste buds with its distinctive character and easy-going nature.


Barley & Gluten


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2 reviews for Old Growler

  1. tom_okelly (verified owner)

    Great Beer, one of my favorites – Good Dark Ale lots of flavor not too sweet.

  2. Brian Jackson (verified owner)

    A lovely smooth stout that I first tasted at the weatherspoons
    Beer festival and thought it so nice I had to go online and order some more, thanks you .

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