Nethergate Beer Poll 2023

What seasonal beers would you like to see on our calendar for next year?
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We're getting close to organising our seasonal beer calendar for next year and we want your input! We'd love to hear which of the beers from past years have been your favourites so that we can consider this when planning for 2024!

Don't worry, this isn't an exclusive list, in case you're thinking "where's Essex Border? or "why not Augustinian?". Some of beers, we're already committed to brewing next year because of their past popularity plus we've got some new recipes we're excited to work on.

What we'd love to know through this poll is "of the beers below, which would you like to see return next year?". Simple. Join fellow beer enthusiasts and Nethergate members in ranking your favourite seasonal brews from years gone by.

Your input shapes the future of our real ale range!

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Beer Poll 2023

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