Three Counties Ale - A Taste of East Anglia

August 2022

Read here about our exciting collaborative brew between three of East Anglia's favourite breweries; Nethergate, Moon Gazer & Mersea Island

Three Counties Collab Beer
Three Counties Collaboration
Three Counties Pump Clip

We're a pretty involving, helpful and inclusive lot in the brewing industry. That's why, when David from Moon Gazer Brewery approached us about a collaboration with fellow local breweries, we were all ears! Projects like this often showcase some of the work local businesses do  but they also bring small, local producers together to feed off one another! They always prove to be really insightful and are always good fun!

We got our heads together - with Mark at Mersea Island, David at Moon Gazer and our own Head Brewer, Ian - to start working on a winning recipe. We played around on our pilot brew kit for a few weeks until we had a taste, colour and aroma that we were all happy with.

We came together in mid July for a proper taste and, gladly, Ian had done an excellent job on the pilot kit....A light golden ale with a crisp, fruity finish.

So, about the beer.

We wanted the malt to reflect East Anglia’s brewing heritage but also the history of the region. So, the obvious first choice for the malt was Maris Otter – an East Anglian success story renowned by brewers and beer lovers the world over. It also gives beer a great flavour too!

However, we have added some additional complexity to the malt base by using some Pilsner and Vienna malts – to give a nod to the European influences which have shaped this region from conquests over the centuries to more European merchants.

As for the hops we wanted to showcase some of the newer UK hops which are catching the attention, including Admiral, Ernest and Godiva – which gibe notes of apricot, orange and peach – but in a ‘not in your face’ kind of way. Oh, and returning to the Mediterranean influences we could complete the recipe without acknowledging the Roman’s place in East Anglian history– so we added some orange peel for a bit of zestiness!

So, there we have it! Another successful collaboration with two other wonderful producers at Mersea Island and Moon Gazer. As we expected, it's been great fun working together and the beer tastes spot-on! We've only produced a limited run so keep an eye out for a bottle in our Nethergate shops or check out your local East of England Co-Ops where its been available since the 22nd of August in selected stores!


Three Counties Pint