12 Beers of Christmas Gift Box

A Christmas advent calendar with a twist!


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This year’s best gift!

Enjoy 12 of Nethergate’s award-winning beers, lager and cider this Christmas with this amazing 12 Days of Christmas Gift set! Packaged in a sleek, recyclable, festive-themed gift box, this is a perfect gift for your closest friends, family or colleagues or a sweet little treat if you fancy spoiling yourself!

Each box is carefully packaged to hide the bottles inside in case you wanted to surprise somebody with a beer a day in the run-up to Christmas day!

The box itself contains 11x 500ml bottles and 1x 330ml bottle: 

1x Venture – An amber ale. 3.7% ABV. that combines traditional brewing techniques with new-world ingredients to produce a beer for all tastes and all seasons, with hints of citrus and tropical fruits.

1x Stour Valley Gold – A smooth and refreshing golden ale. 4.2% ABV. brewed using fragrant citrus hops, a fine floral aroma with touch of spice early on and mellow bitterness at the end.

1x Growler – A complex smooth 5.0% Porter. Roast malt, chocolate & fruit on the palate. A powerful hop finish & a hint of liquorice.

1x Suffolk County – A chestnut best bitter. 4% ABV. Biscuity malt dominates the warm, well rounded roasted background with a punching bitterness.

1x Good Elf – A light and refreshing pale ale. 4% ABV. A beer brewed with the Mosaic hop giving a pleasant, peachy aroma and taste. Here’s to your Good Elf! A great match with a roasted festive fayre or crunchy Christmas nibbles!

1x Red Santa – A delightful, winter ruby ale.4.2% ABV. A first rate best bitter balancing aroma and bitterness, resulting in a wonderfully crisp, fruity red tipple.

1x Nethergate Craft Lager – Clean, crisp lager. 4.5% ABV. Brewed from the finest ingredients giving a quality feel to this craft lager. Brewed with traditional lager hops of Saaz and Tettnang and the dry hop addition of the more modern Centennial to give a refreshing zesty and spicy flavour.

1x Venture Point Five – Our Award-Winning low alcohol ale. 0.5% ABV. Our popular flagship, Venture gets the Low-alcohol treatment. We’ve worked hard to keep the great Venture taste, with the same citrus and tropical hints we love but lighter…how did we do it? It’s all super hush-hush, but now you can be a part of the party no matter what.

1x Red Admiral – Dark Ruby Ale. 4.3% ABV. A beautifully balanced rye beer with a gentle rye hue and sweet malty flavours. We have combined Admiral hops and Rye Malt to bring you a beautifully balanced Rye beer.  Red Admiral Rye offers sweet hoppiness with subtle hints of orange and pine.

1x Augustinian– Finest Copper ale. 4.5% ABV. A wonderfully smooth drinking premium beer, a hint of Crystal malt and the late addition of Styrian Goldings hops in the boil really gives a continental feel.  

1x Umbel Ale – A fruity Amber ale. 3.8% ABV. Thirst quenching amber beer with a fruity tang from Coriander; and a well-rounded finish.

1x Nethergate Press Cider – Bold English Cider. 4.5% ABV. Nethergate Press is a medium dry well-rounded cider with a moreish sharpness. At 4.5%, it is dry yet still smooth and mellow with a very slight tart finish; a result of the balanced blending of our cider apples. This cider is a true Suffolk delight.

A really great mix of tastes, styles, colours and a perfect complement to your festivities and celebrations this Christmas. Makes for a great present too in a stylish, Christmas gift box!


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