Bigwig’s Brew

Fresh • ABV: 3.8%

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Unveiling a Nutty Sensation with a Hint of Chocolate

This chestnut brown delight is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in brewing. Bigwig’s Brew presents a mesmerizing chestnut brown hue capped with a delicate white head, inviting you into a world of rich, nutty flavors.

Crafted in the heart of Suffolk at our Long Melford facility, this brew is a nod to our history of innovation and quality, as detailed in our story. From the early days of Nethergate Brewery to our latest adventures, Bigwig’s Brew is a symbol of our journey and our dedication to the art of brewing. Enjoy this brew as a tribute to the legacy of Ian Hornsey and Dick Burge, and the passionate team that continues to drive Nethergate forward.

How does it taste?

As you raise a glass of Bigwig’s Brew to your lips, the first thing you’ll notice is its inviting aroma, a complex blend of nutty richness with hints of light roasted malts and a subtle touch of chocolate, promising a sensory journey. The initial sip greets you with a smooth, velvety texture, where the flavors of roasted chestnuts and malts harmoniously intertwine, offering a mild sweetness that is perfectly balanced by the light bitterness typical of the style. This leads to a finish where the understated chocolate notes gently emerge, leaving a lingering taste that is both comforting and satisfying.

Perfect for any occasion, Bigwig’s Brew is best enjoyed in good company and pairs wonderfully with hearty meals, making it a versatile addition to any beer lover’s collection. Embrace the richness of chestnut, the subtlety of chocolate, and the craftsmanship of Nethergate with every sip of Bigwig’s Brew.


Barley & Gluten

Fresh Beer Size

4 Pints, 9 Pints, 18 Pints, 36 Pints

Allergen Ingredients

Barley, Wheat


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