Christmas Mosaic

Fresh • ABV: 3.5%


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Christmas is coming and that can only mean one thing, Christmas Mosaic, the festive wingman for your holiday shenanigans! This golden ale is like a Christmas party in a pint glass, perfect for light-hearted celebrations. It's the ideal sidekick for festive snacks, crisps, and ham that's fancier than your grandma's Christmas sweater.

So, what's the scoop on its taste? Picture this: a light, refreshing golden ale with a slightly fruity vibe. Thanks to Mosaic hops, it's got a subtle peachy kick – like the fruity cousin who always adds a twist to family gatherings. Christmas Mosaic: because every holiday gathering needs a brew that's both the life of the party and the after-party!


Barley & Gluten


4 Pints, 9 Pints, 18 Pints, 36 Pints


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