Essex Border

Fresh • ABV: 4.8%

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Essex Border – The Perfect Summer Quencher for Beer Lovers

Close your eyes and imagine sitting outside with friends on a hot summer day. What’s missing? A perfect beer to quench your thirst, right? Well, that’s where Nethergate Brewery’s Essex Border comes in! This blonde ale is perfect for the summer season, with hints of orange zest that add a refreshing twist to the overall taste. If you’re looking for a beer that is both delicious and easy to drink, then try Essex Border today.

How Does It Taste?

Essex Border is a beer filled with flavours that come alive on the tongue. The fruity and spicy overtones create a unique aroma and taste. With every sip, these flavours are noticeable, and the orange notes return, creating a sweet and soft sensation. With a hazy amber body and a slight off-white head, this beer pours beautifully. The juicy mainstay of citrus hops, a mixture of lime and grapefruit, is both refreshing and satisfying. The bitter aftertaste stays on the tongue long after the last sip, making it a beer that you won’t soon forget.


4 Pints, 9 Pints, 18 Pints, 36 Pints


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