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Miniature Gin Gift Set

3x 50ml • ABV: 40%


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Nethergate Distillery Gin's

Embark on a journey through the heart of Suffolk with Nethergate Distillery's Miniature Gin Gift Set, a curated collection that celebrates the craftsmanship and unique flavors of our hand-crafted gins. Whether you're a gin enthusiast eager to explore new horizons, searching for the perfect gift for a special occasion, or undecided on your favorite gin, this set is designed to delight.

Nestled within our eco-friendly, premium branded gift box, this exquisite set includes 3x 50ml miniature bottles, offering a taste of our distinctive gin range:

  • Melford’s Dry Gin: A versatile and well-rounded signature dry gin, double distilled with a unique blend of 7 botanicals, offering a floral aroma and a complex citrusy flavor that's both fresh and crisp.
  • Ruddy Duck Rhubarb & Ginger: A fresh, vibrant premium pink gin, distilled with real, local rhubarb and ginger, presenting a tangy rhubarb aroma with a spicy ginger kick, leading to a complex and mouth-watering palate with a silky smooth finish.
  • Ruddy Duck Strawberry & Watermint: Crafted from fresh Suffolk strawberries and hand-picked wild water mint, this gin features a vibrant strawberry aroma with juniper and a hint of mint, creating a soft, fruit-forward palate and a crisp, refreshing minty finish.

Each gin in this collection is a testament to our dedication to using local ingredients and our passion for crafting spirits that embody the essence of Suffolk. Presented in fully recyclable, craft packaging, this gift set not only represents the pinnacle of artisanal distilling but also our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Nethergate Distillery'S Signature Miniature Gin Gift Set


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