Nethergate Press Bold English Cider

Bottled • ABV: 4.5%

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Delicious Medium Dry English Cider – Nethergate Press Bold English Cider

At Nethergate Brewery, we know your cider taste buds deserve the best flavour – and that’s why we’ve crafted Nethergate Press Bold English Cider with a selection of only the finest English apples.

This medium dry cider is unique in it’s own right. Not too sweet and not too dry – it has the perfect balance between apple flavour and alcohol. It’s golden and sparkling, and completely smooth. It doesn’t skimp on flavour either; as it’s full-bodied with a gentle tart finish that you’ll love.

It’s perfect for long summer nights, garden parties, or simply when you just fancy a crisp and delicious cider. Whether you prefer a cold or warm cider, this delightful beverage will hit the spot every time. This delicious concoction is brewed using top-quality English apples, hand-picked and carefully pressed into the finest cider. Each bottle is filled with the carefully crafted taste of an English summertime.

How does it taste

The smoothness of this cider will surprise you – no sharpness or bitterness here. It has a gentle fruity flavour from the apple base that lingers on the palate, and a mild tartness that sparkles to the end.

Nethergate Press Bold English Cider won’t let you down – it’s the perfect companion for a night spent under the stars, or a day spent in the sun. Enjoy!

Quantity - 500ml Bottles

1, 3, 12


Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly

Our bottled beers undergo frequent quality checks by Murphy & Sons to ensure a gluten level below 10ppm.
For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to contact us directly.


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