Red Admiral Rye

Bottled • ABV: 4.3%

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Take Flight with Red Admiral Rye: The Perfectly Balanced Rye Beer

Are you looking for a beer that is nothing short of exceptional? Look no further than our Red Admiral Rye, a rye beer that is sure to delight your senses. At Nethergate Brewery, we have combined the finest Admiral Hops with the smooth flavour of Crystal Rye Malt to craft a beer that is bold, delicious, and perfectly balanced.

With its rich amber colour and spicy aromas, Red Admiral Rye is a beer that truly stands out. The subtle hints of orange and pine create a complexity of flavour that is both refreshing and satisfying. From the moment you take that first sip, you will appreciate the care and attention that was put into creating this beer.

How does it taste?

Red Admiral Rye offers a sweet hoppiness that is perfectly balanced by the warmth and spiciness of the rye. The flavours are complex and multi-layered, with a subtle bitterness that lingers long after the beer is gone. This is a beer that is at once complex and drinkable, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

Hop Used

At Nethergate Brewery, we take great pride in our ingredients, and our Admiral Hops are no exception. These hops provide a unique flavour profile that perfectly complements the subtle notes of the Crystal Rye Malt. With a distinct flavour and aroma, Admiral Hops are a key ingredient in this extraordinary beer.

So why not take flight and try Red Admiral Rye today? With its perfectly balanced flavour, complexity, and drinkability, this is a beer that is sure to take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. Cheers!


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