Umbel Magna

Fresh • ABV: 5.0%

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Umbel Magna – The Award-Winning Spicy Porter from Nethergate Brewery

Sip on a rich and flavourful porter that takes you back in time to the 1750s when coriander was used to add a spicy twist to the classic recipe. Enter Umbel Magna – a three-time ‘Speciality’ gold medal winner known for its exhilarating taste and aroma. This beer is a recreation of the historic porter recipe, perfected over time to create a balanced blend of dark malts, chocolate, and coriander infusion.

Umbel Magna is the funky cousin of the brewery’s famous and award-winning Old Growler. With six medals in the CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain awards, you can trust that this beer packs a punch. The aroma is dominated by the fruity qualities of berries and the herbal notes of coriander and oregano. Take a sip, and you’ll feel the rounded flavour of crystal malts mingling with a slightly sweet chocolatey taste. The body is balanced with mildly fruity hops, and the soft herbal quality lingers in the back, culminating in a warm yet clean aftertaste that leaves you craving for more.

The secret to Umbel Magna’s unique character lies in its infusion of coriander. This herb adds a spicy twist to the beer, making it a perfect choice for people who love complex flavours. So go ahead, step back in time, and indulge in this fabulous porter that offers a taste of history while still living large in the present.

How Does It Taste?

Umbel Magna’s flavour profile is complex and fascinating. The fruity aroma is reminiscent of berries and is balanced by the herbal notes of coriander and oregano, giving it a unique edge. The crystal malts offer a slightly chocolatey taste that’s just sweet enough to balance the body, and the mildly fruity hops add to the overall experience. The soft, herbal body lies at the back, leaving a warm but clean aftertaste with a touch of chewy dark malts lingering in the throat. In summary, Umbel Magna is a spicy porter that’s extremely pleasant to the taste.


4 Pints, 9 Pints, 18 Pints, 36 Pints

Allergen Ingredients

Barley, Wheat


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