Wild Goose

Fresh • ABV: 4.1%

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Wild Goose by Nethergate Brewery – A Flavourful Flyer

The Wild Goose by Nethergate Brewery is a wonderfully zesty amber ale that stands out from the rest. This smooth beauty of a beer is full of character and has a light citrusy finish.

Wild Goose is crafted with a careful blend of the finest ingredients, creating an unforgettable flavour that will make you take flight. It’s slightly hoppy, with an orange zest that strikes your tongue without overwhelming it.

Every moment is special with this beer; from the aroma of the hops in the glass to the light maltiness that dances across your taste buds. Wild Goose is inspired by the British countryside, and it has truly captured the beauty of the surrounding nature in its flavour.

How Does It Taste?

Wild Goose is an amber ale with a wonderfully zesty and smooth taste that won’t leave you disappointed. It’s full of character and has a light citrusy finish, with notes of orange zest that will tingle on your tongue. The hops are well balanced, and the maltiness is light but present enough to make this well-rounded beer really stand out.


4 Pints, 9 Pints, 18 Pints, 36 Pints


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