Growling Dog DDH IPA

440ml Can • ABV: 6%

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Get Ready To Unleash Your Inner Growling Dog With Our DDH IPA!

At Nethergate Brewery, we don't mess around when it comes to crafting our beer. That's why we've put together our Growling Dog DDH IPA – a beer packed with an exhilarating dosage of zesty and aromatic hops that'll unleash your inner growling dog!

We've doubled down on the hop dosage by "double dry hoping" which provides this fantastic tipple an unparalleled intensity of flavour and character. We've thrown in an avalanche of citrusy hops during and after the fermentation process to really take this IPA to the next level and guarantee it leaves a lasting impression. Our addition of Pale malts creates a beer that is both full bodied and hoppy in equal measure, creating a beer of world-class quality.

Double Dry Hopped Tasting Notes
Double Dry Hopped Facts
How Does It Taste?

Let your tastebuds take you on a journey of flavour - the aroma is a mix of fresh peach and apricot. The finish is smooth and rounded while the taste is a perfectly balanced hop-punchy and refreshing combo!

Hops Used

This beer uses Wait-iti, Waimea and Galaxy hops. The malts used include Maris, Crystal Rye and Torrefied Wheat – all combining to create a DDH IPA that'll blow your taste buds away!

So if you're ready to unleash your inner Growling Dog, why not give our Double Dry Hopped IPA a try? It's the perfect way to get your craft beer fix!

Double Dry Hopped Defined

Well, this is a brewing practice that we’ve been experimenting with for a few years now and is simple enough to explain. Ultimately, a dry hopped beer is where hops are added to the beer post-boil or during, what is called, "the cold side" when the beer is in its primary or secondary fermentation phase which allows the hops to burst with flavour and impart all of their wonderful aromas without leaving behind a bitter taste like when you boil them. 


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