Umbel Magna

Bottled • ABV: 5.0%

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    Nethergate Umbel MagnaNethergate Umbel Magna Fresh

    Umbel Magna

    Fresh • ABV: 5.0%

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Umbel Magna: The Herb-alicious Porter That’s a Taste of History

Step back in time and experience the fabulous flavours of Umbel Magna, the recreation of a 1750s porter recipe that includes the exciting addition of coriander. This award-winning beer stands out with its beautifully balanced blend of dark malts and chocolate, harmoniously infused with coriander for that extra kick. Umbel Magna is the funky cousin of our beloved Old Growler, and has already won six medals in the Camra Champion Beer of Britain awards. Treat yourself to a taste of history that’s still living it large in the 21st century.

How does it taste?

When you take a sip of Umbel Magna, you’ll be greeted with a fruity explosion, tinged with hints of berries and herbs. The coriander and oregano add a pleasant herbal echo to the rounded flavour of crystal malts, while the chocolatey taste is just sweet enough to balance the body. The mildly fruity hops add a soft touch to the herbal body that lies at the back, giving way to a slightly warm aftertaste with chewy dark malts lingering in the throat. It’s a complex taste that’s both warm and refreshing in equal measures.

Each sip is a celebration of the art of brewing, blending hop and malt notes to create a smooth and rich experience. Add some spice to your beer collection with Umbel Magna, the beer that combines history and flavour in one perfect package.


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