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Weaver’s Drop Golden Rum

Suffolk Golden Rum
70cl • ABV: 40%


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Weaver's Drop Golden Rum



A luscious golden hue, reminiscent of the late afternoon sun casting its warm glow.



Warming chocolate and coffee notes, elegantly intertwined with aromatic spices.



Smooth and enduring, with a gentle spice that invites further exploration.

Double Distilled for Unmatched Smoothness

Crafted with passion in the heart of Suffolk, this golden rum symbolizes our journey from esteemed brewers to connoisseurs of distillation. At Nethergate, we pride ourselves on a legacy that intertwines innovation with tradition, a journey that began in 1986 and has since evolved, embracing the art of distillation with our celebrated gin range and now, our venture into rum.

We take great pride in fermenting the molasses ourselves, a process that allows us unparalleled control over the rum's foundational flavor. This hands-on approach ensures a purity and depth of taste, setting the stage for a rum that is truly reflective of Nethergate's commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

Our golden rum is cradled in 110-litre oak barrels, a choice that underscores our dedication to the art of aging. These smaller barrels ensure a more intimate interaction between the rum and the wood, imparting a richer array of flavors and a complexity that only oak can bestow.

Double distillation is a testament to our quest for perfection, refining the rum to achieve a smoother, more sophisticated spirit. This method enhances the rum's natural flavors, yielding a cleaner, purer essence with each sip. It's a process that demands patience and precision, qualities that Nethergate embraces in the creation of every bottle.

Enjoy it neat, over ice, or as the cornerstone of a luxurious cocktail, and savor the rich, intricate flavors that only Nethergate can deliver. Available now, this limited-edition rum awaits those ready to explore the depths of its character. Join us in celebrating the artistry and innovation that Nethergate continues to bring to the world of spirits. Weaver's Drop: Rum Cut From A Finer Cloth.

Weaver'S Drop Golden Rum


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