Weaver's Drop:
Rum Cut from a finer cloth

Step into the enchanting world of our latest masterpiece – Weaver's Drop Suffolk Rum.

With the rising tide of enthusiasm for rum in the UK and following the success and reception of our gin range, we’re proud to announce the launch of Weaver's Drop Suffolk Rum. Fuelled by curiosity and led by our adventurous spirit, we've embarked on a journey into the realm of rum crafting, and after a year of meticulous artistry, we're thrilled to unveil our inaugural batch – Weaver’s Drop Golden Rum and Weaver’s Drop Spiced Rum.

The Journey of Discovery Begins

The yearning to craft a Nethergate rum was born from the triumphs of our gin range, sparking our venture into the world of rum in December 2021. With Bonnie & Clyde, our trusty copper stills, by our side, our talented team dived into extensive research and playful experimentation, eagerly exploring the nuances of rum-making.

In our spirited foray into this captivating world, a whimsical notion to infuse our award-winning Old Growler porter into Weaver's Drop surfaced. Alas, the intricate dance of the UK's rum labelling laws swiftly quashed this playful idea, leaving us with a charming tale and a newfound appreciation for the regulations that shape the art of rum-making.

However, by Spring 2022, we had finalised the recipes through agreement for Weaver’s Drop Golden Rum and Weaver’s Drop Golden Spiced Rum as our first foray into rum, crafted with precision, aged in oak, and made from pure molasses.

A Homage to Local Craftsmanship

In the intricate tapestry of Weaver's Drop, we've intertwined threads of tradition, local heritage, and Nethergate's unique character. Drawing inspiration from Suffolk's rich weaving traditions, Weaver's Drop pays homage to the skilled artisans who once crafted intricate patterns in Sudbury. The name itself, Weaver's Drop, nods to the elegant houndstooth pattern that adorns our rum bottles—a symbol of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Just as skilled weavers meticulously crafted intricate designs in our local area centuries ago, we've intricately designed Weaver's Drop to reflect the artistry of Sudbury's weaving history and Nethergate's commitment to quality.

Limited Edition, Unlimited Taste Quality

Weaver’s Drop Golden Rum boasts a rich golden hue, bursting with warming chocolate and coffee notes, complemented by aromatic spices. Enjoy it neat over ice or savour its punchy dark & stormy character. Weaver’s Drop Golden Spiced Rum follows the same premium crafting process but is infused with spiced botanicals, making it perfect with ginger beer or a delightful addition to a mojito.

With only 70 litres available, this limited-edition batch invites you to partake in an exclusive taste!

Taste the Tale of Weaver's Drop

Weaver's Drop Suffolk Rum Golden & Spiced bottles are now available online and in our shops in Long Melford and Bury St Edmunds. Join us in our taprooms to experience the intricate flavours of Weaver's Drop – a finely crafted spirit that tells a story in every sip.